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Fizzy Feet Adventures (formerly Twirling Tots) was reviewed in November 2014 by Dr Amanda Gummer, child psychologist and Founder of Fundamentally Children...

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Open quotesThe class is a well run, interactive and fun activity providing opportunities for children to further develop their skills.

Children were offered plenty of opportunities to use essential skills, particularly in the areas of listening, movement and balance and imagination.

Overall the children engaged positively and interacted with the session in ways that promoted physical activity, muscle development, co-ordination, attention and musical knowledge, with some social development and bonding as well.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Fizzy Feet Adventures (formerly Twirling Tots) to parents looking for a well designed, accessible music and movement activity group for young children.Close quotes

Active children

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We are all aware of the importance of physical activity and how it enhances our children's health, social, emotional and physical well-being.

Current (government) guidelines are that children under 5 years old who can walk on their own should be physically active every day for at least 180 minutes (3 hours).

Whilst the majority of that activity will come from playing in the park, and from games like hide and seek, Fizzy Feet Adventures active play and energetic activities will take care of 40 minutes of physical activity for you!

About Pippa

Pippa Robson founded Twirling Tots in 2012, rebranded to Fizzy Feet Adventures in 2016

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Twirling Tots was initially launched in 2012 by Pippa as a 'school holiday class' for older siblings of children attending Tiny Tots Tunes, Pippa's award-winning music and movement classes for babies and toddlers.

As the reputation of the holiday classes grew, and with places selling out within hours of booking opening, to meet demand Pippa launched weekly Twirling Tots activity classes alongside her regular Tiny Tots and Toddling Tots classes.

In February 2016, Pippa rebranded the classes to Fizzy Feet Adventures, a name more reflective of the content of the class.

Open quotesI love Fizzy Feet Adventures!  The classes allow me to be truly creative; I first come up with a theme, develop a flowing adventure story and then decide which resources I will incorporate to bring it all to life.

The children get very excited when they arrive at the class and are always keen to know the theme for the week's adventure.  It is very rewarding to watch as the children grow in confidence, and I can see the benefit of regularly attending the class through the improvement and development of their physical abilities.

There are many different classes on offer in this area and I'm proud to be able to offer such a unique and different experience that benefits children on so many different levels.  I'm often told that Fizzy Feet Adventures is the highlight of the little one's week and the one class they really don't want to miss!

In our busy daily lives, I recognise it's not always possible to attend classes every week, which is why Fizzy Feet Adventures offers flexible ways of booking places, including pay as you go options (subject to availability).Close quotes

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